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Privacy Policy - Sanorac

At Sanorac, transparency holds the utmost value. Carrying forward the legacy of maintaining unambiguousness in the operations, we’re presenting this privacy policy. All the esteemed existing and future clients of Sanorac are requested to refer to this privacy policy and make acquaintance with the practice that we adopt in collecting, managing, and sharing the ‘Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the clients.

Information We Collect

For maintaining the data record, serving the customers better than ever, and delivering deep into the insights of customers’ needs, Sanorac collects information like name, email address, corresponding details, and the like. It will be collected at the time of registration. Also, all this information will be gathered once someone fills out an inquiry form on our website. We may also record your internet browsing details, via cookies, to get to know your interest areas.

What We Don’t Collect

Take note of the fact that we never collect or ask for any kind of banking or payment-related information as online purchase of services is a practice we adhere to.

How We Manage the Collected Information

Sanorac understands the worth of the customer information and adopts the best practice to protect them.

Third-party Disclosure

Sanorac has a wide network of service partners who help us to serve our customers better than their expectations. As a part of this process, we may disclose whole or partial customer information to our third-party partners.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are the small files useful to figure out some of the crucial customer details like a preference, site activity, and the like. Cookies, when captured, allow us to serve you better. So, we also capture cookies. However, we have granted full freedom to our customers to decide whether or not they allow us to record the cookies.