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Blog 1
5 June 2021

Enjoy Cutting-edge CRM and ERP System Integration with Sanorac: Here’s why

CRM and ERP are two crucial success pillars of any sort of business. While CRM handles the customers well, ERP ensures streamline operations. Using them as standalone resources is now a thing of the past as it was tedious and tiring.

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Blog 2
3 August 2021

Application Architecture Customization - Avail Viable Solutions Effortlessly with Sanorac

With changing needs, it’s obvious that the existing application architecture can lose significance. While happening this is evident, one can prevent hindrance.

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Blog 3
9 October 2021

Get Right Kind of SaaS ERP Application Solution with Sanorac

Gone are the days of old-school premise-based ERP applications or solutions. As we have SaaS-based solutions, ERP is no longer limited and restricted, which was a case of SaaS ERP.

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Blog 4
4 December 2021

Legacy System Modernization - What, Why, and How

Being loyal is a good personality trait. But, certain loyalties can hinder your growth. For instance, the loyalty of a small business towards the legacy system.

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Blog 5
8 January 2022

Why it makes sense to Outsource Cloud Computing and Data Science Needs for SMBs?

Cloud computing and data science is adopted and some sort of IT technology is infused in almost all kinds of the ecosystem. Regardless of the size and nature of the business, having a skilled IT team.

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Blog 6
12 February 2022

Benefits of Software development outsourcing to Indian companies

India, being the primeval and highly established outsourcing hub globally, has an escalating number of startups and enterprises consider India as a primary location for outsourcing software development.

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Blog 7
29 September 2022

How a Mobile App can save you from Police Brutality or Bribing

The right to oppose is the cornerstone of any democracy and is glorified in the Indian Constitution. However, practically, it can make you a victim of brutality or bribing.

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