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How a Mobile App can save you from Police Brutality or Bribing

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29 September 2022

The right to oppose is the cornerstone of any democracy and is glorified in the Indian Constitution. However, practically, it can make you a victim of brutality or bribing.

The smartphone has become the most effective tool for capturing police cruelty, corrupt behavior, or illegal actions. We are going to explain how, but before that, let’s see where you can face such conditions and use mobile apps.

When to Take Mobile Apps’ Help Against Officials?

Police brutality cases in India are common, and it’s related to the unwanted use of force by law enforcement against a group. Similarly, asking money to suppress an incident (or unnecessarily) also happens often. A few examples are:

  1. In Traffic or when it’s about Vehicles:
  2. You may find cops being extra-strict toward people while driving cars. Those corrupt cops randomly stop cars on the road and demand vehicle registration and documents in a not-so-reasonable manner. At times, they threaten people and force them into paying a hefty bribe.

  3. In Government Offices:
  4. Take the example of passport-related police verification. It is too tough to get a passport without bribing, even if there is no problem with your documents and the overall case.

  5. During Protests, remand, or Mob-related Incidences:
  6. If you’re in a police altercation or protesting something, there are good chances of facing brutality or bribe demands.

Why do the cops take bribes, and what to do about it?

Corruption is one of the most crucial concerns, while the climate in a police department allows for the existence of different sorts of corruption. Therefore, the most familiar type of cop corruption is the bribe acceptance from those dealing with the vices of illegitimate drinking, the use of drugs, and gambling.

Types of Mobile apps to Save you from police brutality

  1. A Recording App
  2. In order to protect yourself from Police brutality, mobile apps will help you record the crucial hours of your life, allowing you to have tangible evidence. You can use your general-purpose camera/video recorder or download an advanced app with features related to video recording without getting found out about it.

  3. A Social Media App
  4. You often see various shreds of evidence on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. And it can be counted among the best ways to get authority/public attention. Here, the purpose of sharing live videos or tweeting on social media apps is to demonstrate how brutal a police force can be with the citizens.

    On SM apps, you can go live when an incident is happening. Also, tag officials to gain instant help when your case is severe.

  5. Official Apps
  6. There are official apps that can help you get contact details of all regional/national authorities related to a particular department. Find one as per the nature of your request and reach out to the right people to get immediate help. You can also forward them proof of police brutality or bribery. You could also create a customized mobile app based on your requirement.


Those cops who take bribes must be prosecuted under the deterrence of corruption act along with the penal code. However, government approval is important to charge him before commencing any criminal proceeding against that cop. Above-enlisted apps/app-based methods help you report illicit stop and skip encounters, alongside allowing you to send emergency texts to your family members. So, use them as deemed fit.

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