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Benefits of Software development outsourcing to Indian companies

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12 February 2022

India, being the primeval and highly established outsourcing hub globally, has an escalating number of startups and enterprises consider India as a primary location for outsourcing software development.

Outsourcing in India implies higher software quality, meager costs, zero communication hurdles, and an enormous talent pool. Therefore, today’s article will showcase the top 4 vital benefits of choosing Indian organizations for software development outsourcing.

  1. True-time project access
  2. This kind of access to your project is handy while operating or collaborating remotely. Hence, it’s undoubtedly essential from your side to assess the success rate of the project. Software development outsourcing to Indian organizations has an outstanding reputation.

    Teams in India keep you up-to-date about the project and also the development phase. Moreover, you will get complete access to all the to-do lists, project delivery dates, and work documents.

    Application builds assist you in detecting the app development phase, which implies nothing goes in vain throughout the process. You can schedule daily meetings with the teams to get valuable input on project improvement and implement a few changes if required.

  3. Time-zone advantage 
  4. India’s time zone is 9 hours and 30 minutes, 4 hours and 30 minutes, and 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the USA, UK, and Europe. Such a massive time difference enables round-the-clock working circumstances for Indian software development organizations.

    Also, such time gaping helps boost their productivity. So, while working with the US, Australian, or UK companies, it’s become hassle-free for Indian software development firms to schedule calls and sync-ups during the necessary overlap period.

    In case you decide to conduct both outsourcing and in-house software development, it will be a win-win situation. You remain 24/7 available, where your in-house software developers are reclining, and the Indian offshore team manages the work.

    Oh, and one more thing. There are multiple teams in India, available to change their business setup as per your time zone for dedicated projects. So, you can go with them too.

  5. Cost-efficiency
  6. One of the crucial reasons for outsourcing software development to Indian companies is the cost-efficient execution of tasks.

    If you are pro enough to get the appropriate provider, who can talk about advantages in a coveted way, you can split up your cost for executing the job. Some of the mandated factors of the pricey in-house development are:

    • Equipment budgets
    • IT architecture charges
    • Recruitment procedures
    • Software licensing costs
    • Training and development charges

    When you choose software development outsourcing, such costs will be drastically reduced. You only need to shell out the services you have acquired.

  7. Better Quality
  8. The meager rate of software development might allure the organizations, but the final product’s quality will grab their attention. That’s what makes India’s ranking in global outsourcing. The recent statistics revealed that India is the best investment hub in the software industry, with a significant 55% share in outsourcing.

Wrapping up...

India has emerged as the significant epitome of software development outsourcing hub worldwide due to its highly talented and skilled labor community. Setting aside such benefits, the competency of speaking fluent English and handle projects, and the most significant benefit of having big software development firms in every city, make India incredibly the best location for software outsourcing.

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