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Why it makes sense to Outsource Cloud Computing and Data Science Needs for SMBs?

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8 January 2022

Cloud computing and data science is adopted and some sort of IT technology is infused in almost all kinds of the ecosystem. Regardless of the size and nature of the business, having a skilled IT team, including professionals like cloud engineers, database developers, architects, and data scientists, is the need of the hour.

While fat enterprises have no hassles in meeting related requirements, small businesses will have a tough time making this happen as they won’t be able to hire all these IT pros when projects and work are limited.

They can’t hire a dedicated cloud engineer or data scientist when only 3-4 projects are grabbed. 

Cloud engineers, data scientists, and database developers are some of the highest-paying jobs. On average, a full-time professional in these key job roles will ask for 12lakh to 20lakh per annum. For small businesses or SMBs, this is a huge sum.

So, what is the solution?

Should they let go of those few projects as they can’t hire a dedicated IT professional?

Well, we have a viable solution for all your limited yet crucial IT engineering needs.

It’s outsourcing the needed professional at a much affordable cost. At Sanorac, we house some of the best minds in the IT industry from diverse domains. 

Whether you need a cloud computing engineer or a data scientist, Sanorac will cater to all your needs with full perfection and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Professionals from Sanorac

By hiring our seasoned IT professionals, our clients are going to:

Don’t Let Anything Stop You!

Not having a dedicated IT team is no longer a problem for small issues as Sanorac provides the facility of outsourcing key IT pros like cloud engineers, data scientists, and cloud architects at a pocket-friendly cost.

Whatever your needs are, Sanorac will provide an instant solution. Contact our team today and have access to the best IT talent without getting involved in the hassle of hiring and training them. While we do all this for you, you work towards the fulfillment of your organizational goals and weave success quickly.

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